Living In Wine Country - Kenwood


Kenwood real estate is located in beautiful Sonoma Valley. Like the other towns in Sonoma Valley, Kenwood is part of wine country. Kenwood is home to beautiful real estate, wineries, amazing restaurants, and the renowned Kenwood Inn and Spa. Kenwood is also home to Kenwood Plaza Park.

Kenwood is a small, quaint unincorporated town offering a warm and pleasant environment for those looking to purchase real estate for a family or for those looking to just raise a crop of beautiful grapes. Kenwood real estate has a rich tapestry of history as the area was originally inhabited by Native Americans. The area was eventually taken by the Spanish Conquistadors who wanted to have land in the new world. It was in 1823, that Kenwood was finally settled and allowed to grow.

Kenwood real estate is also privileged to have amazing weather, with over 230 days out of the year full of sun and warmth. Kenwood is a quiet community surrounded by premium vineyards and with its rich history, warm beautiful weather and many other amenities, Kenwood real estate is an attractive real estate investment.

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