Welcome to LivingInWineCountry.com featuring Sonoma real estate in the towns of Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, and Healdsburg. The Sonoma real estate market is comprised of beautiful landscapes providing scenery that ranges from from spectacular to serene. Sonoma is renowned for its rich soil that produces some of the world's finest wineries adding culture and beauty to the real estate. This beautiful and lush area also has a rich and varied past. Sonoma was first home to the Native Americans, and was later inhabited by Spanish and Russian explorers, adding a unique and diverse history to the real estate.

Sonoma real estate offers an abundance of cultural activities and events, including local festivals, art galleries, literary venues and much more. Of course, not only are there are plenty of world famous wineries, there is also an abundance of four and five star restaurants. Sonoma real estate offers breathtaking scenery and moderate temperatures that very rarely, if ever, dip below freezing. This area provides a quality of life that emphasis beauty, relaxation and healthy living.

For those investing in Sonoma real estate, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and camping. Other activities include exploring the history of the Native Americans, visiting Fort Ross, which was built by the Russians, and visiting the Charles M. Schultz museum. Sonoma real estate is home to thriving higher education and K-12 schools. It is also home to several renowned cooking schools reflecting the residents interest in the culinary arts.

Investing in Sonoma real estate is for those who want the best options of living life to the fullest. From breathtaking scenery, numerous culture activities, optimal weather, famous wineries, family fun, and much, much more, Sonoma real estate has it all.